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Destinations for your special vacation in Italy

Discover the most beautiful regions, cities and landscapes for your vacation in Italy.

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda Holiday

The most beautiful places and sights around Lake Garda.

Florence, Central Italy

Vacation in Tuscany

Discover the most beautiful destinations and attractions in Tuscany.

Venice, Northern Italy

Vacation in Veneto

Unique experiences and sights in the Veneto region.

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Welcome, Benvenuti on www.italien.blog, the official Italy travel portal and travel guide with exciting travel reports, stories, news, vacation tips, events, recipes from Italian cuisine, sights and much more around the Bel Paese and its wonderful vacation and cultural regions. The Italy.blog travel guide is made by different, enthusiastic people who love and live Italy, the Italian culture and way of life. Our mission is to share content and stories that celebrate the beauty and unique art and culture, Italian lifestyle, Italian language and Italian cuisine to help our many readers stay connected to Italy and the Italian way of life. We authentically convey “dolce vita” and “bella Italia!”

Like hardly any other country in the world, Italy is able to fulfill so many vacation dreams at once: With the high mountain peaks in the unique Dolomites of the northern region of Trentino Alto Adige, the culture-rich and sophisticated cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin, Naples, Genoa or Palermo, with the magical Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia and the green Veneto, Friuli and Lombardy, the gourmet regions of Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, the varied vacation regions around Venice, Verona and Lake Garda and not forgetting the incomparable beauty of the numerous Unesco World Heritage sites and sights in the Bel Paese.

Art, culture, tradition, delicacies from the kitchen and the vineyards, exceptional hospitality and above all a lot of joie de vivre and serenity! Whether you want to spend your days in a top hotel in Italy, explore the peninsula’s bike paths or go hiking in the unique mountains of the Italian Alps or the Apennines, Italy and its beautiful vacation regions promise a wonderful vacation time under the sign of the Dolce Vita.

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